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Advance Knowledge with Fashion Design Courses

There are various career opportunities available in the world of fashion designing. A few years ago, fashion design was not viewed with same optimism as it is today. The fashion design course in India aims to promote the creative abilities of aspirants by providing them technical inputs. The B.Sc. Fashion Design course in India will enhance your creative side and fashion sense and allow you to establish yourself as a professional in the designing field. In this blog, we took an in-depth look at the different courses available in this field, including full-time, graduate, diploma course, post-graduate course, and online courses.

Fields in Fashion Design

Certification courses

The certification courses are short in duration and usually last for 3, 6 or 12 months. For getting admission in diploma course students requires passing 12th standard from recognized board. A skill covered in this certification course includes sewing, assembly, fashion illustrator, computer-aided design (CID), marketing, fashion management and marketing and many more. It is the first step for anyone who wants to enter into the world of fashion.

Diploma Course

Another way to enter into the world of fashion is by studying a degree which lasts for two or three years. The duration of the course depends on the subjects chosen by the student and college. The diploma courses can be completed directly after the completion of senior secondary. Students can take specialized courses such as clothing merchandising, and logistics management, shoe design and manufacturing, computer-aided textile design (CAD), fashion design and production technology, and many more. The task is to find the top fashion design colleges in Punjab that can meet your requirements and enroll in the course based on your wishes and requirements.

Undergraduate Course

A 3-4 degree course in fashion design leads to a degree. To get admission in degree course, student must complete the higher secondary education. In B.Sc. fashion designing course in Punjab there will be seminars, lectures, team projects, guest lectures, workshops, presentation and much more activities will be held. After completing the course, aspirants must complete an internship of at least one year to develop their practical skills. Internship is not necessary but it is something not to be missed as it brings the necessary practical experience.

Post-graduate Course

If anyone wants to acquire advance knowledge in the fashion design field, one must opt for postgraduate degree course. The postgraduate course will refine and expand one’s knowledge on a particular subject that you studied in your undergraduate degree. To qualify for the postgraduate degree in fashion design, aspirant must achieve at least 50% in your undergraduate qualifications. A postgraduate fashion design course in India is must have if someone seeking a career in teaching field.

Why choose B.Sc. Fashion Design at Amritsar Group of Colleges

As one of the most prestigious college in Punjab, India, AGC is the ideal place if you are looking to study fashion design. The college has carved out its own niche with its exemplary work in the higher education sector; The Record Placement Service has ensured that all students are placed even before they drop out of college. AGCIANS are given an enriching practical relevance that makes them fit for work and can be easily integrated into the company. Students have applied for multiple patents and do so on a regular basis; this indicates the intense exposure to the laboratory that students get when they try what they are taught in classrooms while trying new things.

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