B.SC Agriculture | A perfect course to shape your future

In terms of professional development and curriculum selection, B.Sc (Honors) Agriculture is still considered an underrated course in India. Indian parents do not encourage their children to go into agriculture because they are still confused by the old concepts of agriculture; for example, students of rural origin choose agriculture, and students who have not found any educational option choose agriculture as their educational field and their wages are not enough to manage their daily expenses.
But in this 21st century, the country's agricultural landscape is changing rapidly. It is now a thriving industry in which you can make a useful career. The rapid development of agricultural technology has created new employment opportunities. Agriculture and their related sectors are the main sectors of the Indian economy, accounting for 17% of India's GDP. It is worth noting that the agricultural sector provides employment opportunities for approximately 53% of the population of India.

B.Sc (Hons.) Agriculture

Agricultural research is called "agricultural science." It is a multidisciplinary field that combines natural sciences, social sciences, economics, engineering, and management. In this age of globalization, agriculture and related courses are of great importance. The goal of bsc agriculture colleges in Punjab is to use the power of science in agriculture to develop a safe and sustainable agricultural system.
Agricultural science professionals play an important role in maintaining the social food supply. The main job responsibilities of agriculture students are to improve the quality and quantity of agriculture, increase crop yields, reduce labor, protect water and soil, and control pests.

Why pursue Agriculture?

  • Today, the world' population is 77.3 billion and will reach soon at 8.0 billion. 138 crores Indian Population is moving towards 150 crores at a very fast rhythm. The population increases, so the pressure is implemented to increase the production of agriculture. Therefore, the demand for experts in agricultural sciences is increased that can develop safe and sustainable agricultural models for better food productivity.
  • The agricultural sector remains diverse, so there are many employment opportunities in this area.
  • Agriculture is emerging as a flourishing area of India.
  • Agricultural carriers are rewarding but safe.
  • The bonus and salary are very advantageous in this area.
  • The balance of professional growth and work life is perfect in this area.

Career after B.Sc Agriculture

To achieve outstanding achievement in the field of agriculture, you must have a bachelor's degree in agriculture. The degree program allows candidates to work in different agricultural fields, such as agricultural sales, agricultural trade, and food production. R & D institutions, public and private institutions, government and policy-making institutions, and private consulting firms are in high demand for agriculture graduates.
Agricultural graduates can also find job opportunities in horticulture, poultry farming, plant science, soil science, food science, animal science,and other fields. After graduating and having several years of experience, you can begin to be involved in businesses such as agribusinesses and produce stores.

Starting Salary

If we talk about salary, then in India the starting salary for agricultural title holders is about 3 to 4 lacs per year. The main industries where agricultural science professionals can find employment opportunities are the agricultural industry, real estate and tea gardens, service industries, agricultural engineering, business, agricultural management, etc.
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