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What is superior? B. Tech. In Computer Science Engineering Or A Pharmacy Degree?

Every student after completing his/ her grade 12 is in great dilemma to choose from a wide range of options in study for the graduation course. The most common thing that comes to a science student is to choose from B. Tech in Computer Science Engineering course or a medical profession by choosing B. Pharmacy course. Let us discuss, which one can choose as their career choice. However it all depends on your interests and goals. What would you like to do in life? Taking up a good course doesn't always mean a good pay grade. Your interests and passion are the things that matter the most. Let us discuss both the courses in detail

B. Pharmacy

B. Pharm or B. Pharmacy is a four- year undergraduate course that deals with medicines, their manufacturing, their preparation, their production, chemical compositions, etc. Each nation needs a skilled healthcare officer and a computer specialist in today's technologically advanced environment. People who are unaware of the B.Pharm program's range of study incorrectly assume that graduates will simply operate a pharmacy to sell medicines. Opening a medical store is only a backup option, but there are many more opportunities after earning a bachelor's degree in pharmacy.

Few of those are shared below:

Clinical Research:a field of study used to develop vaccines
Industries: Manufacturing of pharmaceuticals and medical equipment.
Pharmacovigilance is the post-market surveillance of pharmaceuticals.
Marketing: Promotion of pharmaceuticals to Doctors and Pharmacists.
Military: work as a pharmacist in army hospitals.
Academics: Can teach Students in Colleges and Universities.

with a tonne more.

Computer Science Engineering

An academic programme called Computer Science Engineering (CSE) from the best engineering college for Bihar unifies the fields of computer science and engineering. The course emphasizes the fundamentals of networking and computer programming and covers a wide range of subjects.
It is a well-liked branch among students and provides respectable employment prospects following graduation. Students who have strong analytical and reasoning skills, an interest in programming, software development, and computer science, may pursue this subject.
The scope of the field of computer science and engineering includes several areas, such as artificial intelligence, embedded systems, ethical hacking, wireless networks, computer manufacturing, database systems, web applications, animation, computer graphics, scientific modeling, computational biology, video game development, mobile application development, data science, network administration, etc. are just a few of the many fields in which computer science and engineering professionals can pursue a career.


If you want to work in the health sector, you can pursue a B.Pharm., but if you want to work with computers, you should pursue a CSE.

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