Hotel management course

Career Scope In Hotel Management And Catering Technology

The profession in Hotel Management can be extremely fulfilling. This business has become a pivotal piece of the accommodation with a gigantic development potential sooner rather than later. Moreover, If you want a great career in the travel business, Hotel Management is a great place to start. The interest for lodging the executive’s experts is now growing and is relied upon to become more with the expanding number of hotels being set up in India and everywhere. Aside from its charm, a vocation in lodging the board has gotten rewarding and invigorating, drawing in an ever-increasing number of understudies to decide on it.

Career Opportunities through Hotel Management Courses in Punjab

Tourism, Hotel Management, Catering Technology, and Hospitality are the few domains that work together and bind this profession. These are similar fields that work under the name of Hotel Management, just for the sake of simplicity. Another reason behind that is when you choose any of the above streams, there are high chances that you will be required to get familiar with the other two as well. This is because the career opportunities after hotel management and hospitality are limitless in domestic as well as international markets. This quality makes it a valuable course for any person who has the skills required to succeed in the hotel management industry.

Skills to get after the course

Hotel management courses teach subjects such as Food Production, Food, and Beverage, Nutrition, Housekeeping, etc. All of these subjects require a balance of theoretical and practical knowledge. One thing to notice here is that the whole HM course can't be compared to any technical degree or for the matter of fact to degrees like Bcom and BBA. HM doesn't teach technical subjects like Python, Java, Coding, Web Development or subjects like Economics, Business, etc. Then what exactly do you get to learn? You'll learn about some great cuisine and wines along with tastings, how a hotel works, how hotels manage accounts, strategic management, basic customer relation management etc.

Is Hotel Management a good career?

Hotel management has become a popular occupation, partly because of the hotel industry's dominance. Statistics show that hotels throughout the world generated more than $550 billion in the last two years. India is one of the most popular tourist destinations in the world. Hotel management provides a good mix of day-to-day business activities and customer service functions.

Purpose of pursuing Hotel Management Courses

Being an attractive field, the Hotel Management course in Punjab offers many opportunities defining theoretical as well as practical training. Most importantly, the training holds a lot of skills which are imparted to the learners. The experience gained after this knowledge helps you become a professional in the hospitality industry. Moreover, this career degree helps open up career avenues early on adding the opportunities for higher education in the field. Internships and Training opportunities brush up the communication skills of the aspirants and help in boosting their confidence to ace a professional role.

Top Recruiting Companies after Hotel Management Course

Given below are some of the top companies recruiting candidates who have completed hotel management course:

  • Oberoi Group of Hotels
  • Jaypee Group of Hotels
  • Le Meridien Group of Hotels
  • Heritage Group of Hotels
  • Sarovar Park Group of Hotels
  • Taj Group of Hotels
  • Holiday Inn Group of Hotels
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