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Choose The Best Option For You- B. Pharmacy Or A B.Sc. In Agriculture

In the field of science, there are plenty of options for students to opt for after Class 12th. B.Pharmacy and B.Sc in Agriculture are ideal courses for students who have a keen interest in the fields of agriculture and chemicals, which makes them the perfect choice for such career paths. Students can expect wonderful career opportunities, especially with the added scope of higher education by opting one of them.

The Pharmacy field offers with lots of career opportunities options. If you wish to make your carrier in the field of pharmacy you can choose one of the several courses. Bachelor of Pharmacy is one of them Bachelor of Pharmacy (B. Pharm) is an undergraduate degree course in the field of Pharmacy. The B.Pharmacy is one of the popular job oriented course among the science students after class 12th. In this course the students study about the drugs and medicines, Pharmaceutical Engineering, Medicinal Chemistry etc. This course provides a large number of job opportunities in both the public and private sector.

Bachelor of Pharmacy is a four-year undergraduate program in which students study the methods and process of preparing drugs and how does the dispensing of medicine and drugs take place. It is a four-year-long course and is mainly divided into eight semesters. It imparts useful knowledge about biochemical science and healthcare business. Students during their coursework have to perform various practicals and experiment.

The regulatory body for the program is Pharmacy Council of India (PCI), which is responsible for laying down all norms and regulations for the B.Pharmacy course. The course enables candidates to practice the profession of a Pharmacist after graduation. B.Pharmacy degree has a lot of scope and is going to flourish more in the coming years as there is a great demand for healthcare professionals who can prepare drugs to battle a number of diseases and deficiencies.

Anyone who aspires to be a pharmacist today, it is mandatory for them to undertake this course so that they have thorough and in-depth knowledge of the science of the medicine.
Bachelor of Science in Agriculture is one of the most popular specialisation of B.Sc. since India has been largely dependent on agriculture sector. A B.Sc. in agriculture is a specialised academic programme that can also be described as Bachelor of Science in agriculture discipline.
Bachelor of Science in Agriculture (BSc Agriculture) is a four-year undergraduate programme that focuses on agricultural science research and practice, including disciplines such as Genetics and Plant Breeding, Agricultural Microbiology, Soil Science, Plant Pathology, and others. It is a professional degree in agricultural science recognised by the Government of India and can be received offline, online, or through distance learning. This degree opens up opportunities in Government and Private Sector for the students. This course prepares students to apply modern agricultural techniques and technologies in the real world.
Since Earth has almost reached its saturation point in terms of the human population, the shortage of land, resources, livestock, and food has struck us. Therefore, the B.Sc. Agriculture Sector invites candidates to study and find innovative methods to overcome various problems.
B.Pharmacy and B.Sc. In Agriculture are completely different courses having several differences. Some students find B. Pharma is better option as it allows running own medical store chain whereas for some students BSc Agriculture is better option as it opens doors of opportunity in government sector. It is not easy to decide which course is better but it is not false to say that both the courses are lucrative and beneficial for the students.
If the student is inclined towards studying Pharmaceutical Science rather than opting for the rigorous study of medicine and surgery, then B Pharmacy is a good choice for them. On the other, if the student is interested in exploring Agricultural Sciences and practices in contemporary times, then student should go for BSc in Agriculture .

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