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Industrial visits are an essential part of the academic curriculum in most of the Graduate and Post-graduate courses to provide students an insight regarding internal working of companies. Being a part of interactive learning, such educational visits give students a major exposure to real working environments along with a practical perspective of a theoretical concept relevant to their domain. As we know, theoretical knowledge is not enough for making a good professional career. With an aim to go beyond academics, industrial visit provides students a practical perspective on the world of work. In addition to that, industrial visits bridge the widening gap between theoretical learning and practical exposure by giving students first-hand exposure to identify the inputs and outputs for different business operations and processes performed at the workplace.

At Amritsar Group of Colleges, we believe that the bright students are the key drivers of the nation’s growth engine and nurturing their talent with the best theoretical knowledge as well as practical orientation is the core responsibility of the college. Intending to go beyond classroom learning, the industrial tours contribute a lot in holistic student development by letting students learn about the current trends in the market, the future scenario of the industry and the new technologies that are being applied in the industry.

Benefits of Industrial Visits:

Industrial visits are usually the first point of interaction between a student and a live working industry. The students learn about the latest technology trend and make up their minds about their future job or area of interest. However, students and teachers both should take this seriously and utilize this industrial visit for learning and enhancing their skills. Some of the key points of advantages of the industrial visits can be enumerated as below:

  • Industrial visits provide the students with an opportunity to learn practically through interaction, working methods and employment practices.
  • It gives the students an exposure to current work practices as opposed to theoretical knowledge being taught at their college classrooms.
  • Industrial visits grant the students a great opportunity to interact with industries and know more about the industrial environment.
  • Industrial visits are arranged by colleges for their respective students with an objective of providing them an opportunity to explore the different industry sectors like IT, manufacturing, services, finance and marketing.
  • Industrial visit helps students to combine their theoretical knowledge of business operations with the practical knowledge of its actual functioning.
  • Industrial realities are opened to the students through industrial visits.
  • When pursuing a professional degree like BBA, industrial visit has its own importance for students because only the theoretical knowledge is not sufficient for their proper understanding of the actual business operations at the ground level.
  • The practical knowledge of how a business can be started and what are the real life challenges being faced can only be learnt through having practical experience from industrial visits.
  • By way of interactions with the staff of the industry, students get more exposure towards the current work conditions of any industry.
  • Another important perk of going for an industrial visit is that it acts as a bridge between the student and their dream company. The chances of building-up a good relationship with the employees and actually getting an opportunity for an internship or even placement in that company is maximum based on their outstanding performance in sport assignments and showing good manners.
  • The employee contacts are precious especially when the students wish to pursue the same career.
  • Last but not the least, the certificate of participation in an industrial visit is an added advantage to showcase in one’s resume.
Industrial visits by the college

With the help of industrial visits, the students can acquire a better understanding of recent industry trends in the regular curriculum. The college being the best college in Punjab leaves no stone unturned for the holistic development of students by giving them quick access to state-of-art facilities so that each student gains high self-esteem, more knowledge and grows stronger in his/her career. We understand the significant importance of field trips and excursions for a student’s overall development. To supplement the classroom learning with practical exposure, the college has organized various industrial visits till now so that students can gain practical insights into industry operations and be ready for the outside world through which helped the students to observe the real work scenario of the industry and to identify how the industry work.

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