B.voc Course


When it comes to engineering or any technical course to be done in a compact time, one needs to choose diploma courses to get into their career path. The decision to choose a diploma over a degree is an important life choice that needs to be weighed up with all the facts in mind. In an ever-changing and competitive job market, vocational education can make you more able to accomplish your career and life goals than a degree will.
Amritsar Group of Colleges bestows a platform to the dreams of people in the fast-changing scenario of learning. The college provides an exceptional breadth of academic choices in its vocational courses offering three courses under B. Vocational Programme- Software Development, Automobile Servicing and Hospitality & Catering Management. The college offers advanced technical learning through practical and theoretical lectures, state-of-the-art laboratories as well as creative sections and we ensure that you will step into another world of technical education along with unzipping the groundbreaking & laborious thinking. Providing the assorted diplomas and degrees in the related belt, integrate opportunities, elaborated learning experience, and enrich the aspiring engineering with umpteen skill-enhancing sessions. AGC is the best college in India which offers vocational education to the aspirants . Surplus to this, the institute is one of the premier educational organizations dedicated to imparting quality education and promoting excellence. The various courses offered by the college are of different durations varying from six months to three years of academics.

Why choose Vocational Courses?

There are various concerns while choosing a career in the engineering or technical field. There are various advantages of choosing diploma or vocational courses after 10+2:

  • Diplomas make you job-ready, faster
  • You are more likely to be hired and valued
  • You will potentially earn more from the beginning
  • Diplomas can be completed in significantly less time
  • Diplomas are a fraction of the cost and provide better value for money
  • Diplomas often have fewer rigid pre-requisites and more people like you
  • Learning is flexible
Unlike degree programs that concentrate more on rigorous academic study, B.Voc Programme in Punjab is designed to equip students with the necessary skills required to meet the job requirements in a particular industry. These courses allow you to explore different careers. It helps to pursue the dream that is right for you. The courses give the opportunity to learn and apply new skills and at the same time enhance the innovative skills.

Key objectives of this program

  • To provide multiple “entry and exit” options at various levels throughout the program.
  • To create requisite job roles specifically skilled manpower for the industry.
  • To Provide income-generating or employment opportunities.
  • To provide a judicious mixture of skills relating to a profession and appropriate content of general education.

B.Vocational Courses at AGC

Software Development

The course is designed with an objective to provide practical and industry-relevant skills in the domain of software development and computer science. The core idea is to impart and emphasize hands-on expertise rather than going for more leaning towards theoretical facets.

Automobile Servicing

The course is a discipline of engineering that deals in amalgamating the components of electrical, software, mechanical, electronic, and security engineering as connected to the plan, production and operation of automobiles, trucks, motorcycles, and buses and their separate engineering. One can have a 3-year degree in this stream or 1 or 2-year diploma as well.

Hospitality & Catering Management

A program with a blended training methodology comprising theory sessions and hands-on practical training in industry-simulated labs for intentionally creating a real-life working experience, helping students to familiarize themselves with their future workplace. The course takes you through the basics of the food services industry and involves the planning and organization of food and beverage services for various types of events. This skilled professional course opens up many career opportunities in the various streams like travel Agencies, Hotels, Restaurants, Tour Operating Companies, Aviation Companies, Event Management companies, Visitor Bureaus, etc.

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