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What Are The Opportunities After Doing B. Tech Courses?

In India, engineering is considered one of the most popular career options among students. B. Tech (Bachelor of Technology) is still the most preferred Undergraduate Degree Course that students take up after clearing class 12th examination in Science stream.
The duration of a B.Tech Course is four years and it is offered by various Engineering Colleges all over India. For the eligibility criteria for a B.Tech Course, students must have a PCM group (Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics) in class 12 as mandatory subjects.
But what happens after the completion of a B.Tech Degree? Well, it is a question that students have to face in the third or fourth year of engineering.
In fact, most of the people who take up jobs straight after completing their B.Tech degrees can also go for a Master’s degree or a Postgraduate Program in a particular field at some point in their lives to enlighten their skills and improve their chances of getting better and more productive job offers. B.Tech accessible various career opportunities even if one needs to avoid going for a postgraduate course immediately after graduation. Some of the options that students can acknowledge after finishing their B.Tech Degree are mentioned below:

Job Opportunities

After completion of their course, most of the Engineering Graduate Students go for the job. Job opportunities are excellent after engineering. For their student’s engineering colleges also offer campus placement. It is good to get a job in a company through campus placements as it is very tough to get a job after you are out of college. So, try to catch the job during Campus Placement.
B. Tech Graduates are offered jobs by many private sector companies. Also, for qualified engineers, there is a lot of demand in the real estate, construction sector, petrochemical industry, automobile manufacturing and design and development of technology, etc. Those who have an engineering degree in Computer Science are always in demand as software or hardware engineers.

Doing higher studies in Engineering

After college If you could not get a nice job, then you can always opt for higher education and raise your chances to get a good job. Most of the universities organize their own admission test but Graduate Aptitude Test for Engineering (GATE) examination is the most common exam for M.Tech Admission. M.Tech is also one of the most preferred choice among engineering graduates. This Post Graduate degree not only brings a good job but also build a good reputation in the corporate sector. So, perusing M.Tech after B. Tech is also considered as one of the good option to choose.

Doing MBA

After completion of their Engineering Course, many students want to do an MBA. After engineering and MBA degree is deliberated rewarding in terms of salary. In a few years, engineers with good technical skills get bored by doing the same stuff, and without a management exposure, they may be stuck in a groove. An MBA degree gives you more disclosure and supports you earning more in very less time. Also, an MBA degree from a renowned institute in India can add much to the resume.

Government Sector Jobs

The jobs that are undertakings through the GATE are available in technical fields are in the Public Sector. For entry-level jobs, many PSUs hire B.Tech graduates on the basis of GATE Score. In the field of engineering, some of the other government jobs available are in the Food Corporation of India, Indian Railways, oil and natural gas corporations, airport authorities of India, Indian Space Research Organisation (ISRO), etc.

Going for Civil Services Examination

The Union Public Service Commission (UPSC) is one of the complicated examinations to crack which is conducted by the Civil Services examination, but for an Engineering Graduate, it can be a great option in order to land a government job. For a B.Tech graduate cracking Civil Service Services, the examination can prove to be advantageous who wishes to become an IAS officer or an IPS officer.
In his life dreams every Indian at a sooner or later stage to be an IAS officer because this is the most prestigious and influential job and carries with it a lot of responsibility. It is the backbone of India. Although corporate jobs may offer handsome salaries and perks, still most of the engineering aspirants still crave entry to the influential Indian Civil Services held by the UPSC


Another opportunity that a engineering graduate opt for is Entrepreneurship. When you have a unique business idea this is the best option for you and you have also money to spend in your business. Entrepreneurship is the most advance thing everyone is doing and you should also do it too. But do not get carried away by the belief of becoming well-known and wealthy in very little time. It may happen but do acknowledge this as a learning opportunity. The career opportunities after B.Tech are high in technical fields and managerial fields. Any engineering graduate can hope to get a good job in public or private sector in India or abroad. Besides getting absorbed as Engineers, B.Tech graduates are also recruited as researchers, consultants and subject matter experts. Thus, After Completing engineering, there is a lot of scopes and career opportunities that are available. All you need to require is mobilize your talents and according to your skill-set find a suitable job for yourself.

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